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Compacting machine600 Tower

Type of waste:
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Screw system with continuous compaction

Automatic separation of liquids from solid waste

Compacted solid waste collected in a bag

Liquids collected into a tank or discharged directly into sewers

Bag and tank placed on a special trolley
Simple and efficient!

The automatic identification optional module allows the bar-code reading of the waste introduced inside the machine.
The module can be associated with the printer module issuing the receipt (see back of the sheet) in order to communicate about discounts or benefits to Superlizzy users or with a standard rechargeable key reader (to recharge it automatically at each waste introduction).

1) Place the waste on the introduction opening.

2) Wait for the bar-code optical reading: once the reading is completed the green lamp lights up.

3) Introduce the waste in the Superlizzy for compaction.

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