Compactor for unsorted waste with touch screen

Screw system with continuous compaction. Automatic separation of the solid waste, from the liquid part:

  • Compacted solid waste collected in a bag
  • Liquid part recovered in a container or discharged directly into the sewer system
  • Bag and container positioned on a removable trolley

Possibility to dedicate the machine to the separate collection of a single type of waste (plastic, paper, aluminum, etc.)


The design of Superlizzy, compact and essential, allows it to be easily placed in places of common use: be it restaurant rooms, outdoor environments or work environments. Superlizzy waste compactors can be built into existing furniture or, thanks to the easily customizable external coating, they can become important communication tools or real furnishing elements.


LCD monitor -TOUCH Box with display to be positioned in the header for advertising messages, institutional or promotional communication. Monitor easily accessible and connectable to an external source.

Printer Printer module retractable in the front door with a receipt outlet. The recognition of the refusal entered takes place automatically with the issue of a receipt.

OUTDOOR coating External coating structure for complete waterproofing of Superlizzy. For positioning in outdoor environments exposed to the elements.