Smart eco container

Designed for easily contaminated waste and to protect the health of others.

  • Particularly suitable for special waste such as masks, gloves, gowns, headgear and protective objects.
  • Automatic filling door complete with automatic sanitizing system which is activated at each opening.
  • Waste collected in bags with a useful capacity of 90 liters.
  • CE Certification and Patent.
  • 230V connection with standard 16 amp Schuko plug
  • Sanitation takes place with the aid of a specific hydroalcoholic solution that allows partial sanitation of the waste introduced, with a consequent reduction in the risk of contagion.


Like all Superlizzy products, Sanitrash too is compact and customizable. It is provided with immediate graphics that explain its correct use. In addition, it can be customized with company logos and colors to better integrate with the surrounding environment or with the furniture of the store.