Superlizzy trash compactors: make way to nature!

Superlizzy compactors represent the uncompromising solution, which combines intense technological research with efficient waste cycle management. Each different model is perfectly suited to different specific applications, but each is built to ensure performance that makes a difference.

Series 500

The Superlizzy range includes various options and extensive customization possibilities that make the compactors suitable for all public and private places.

SanitrashDPI treatment

For the management of health emergencies and the normal disposal of personal protective equipment in hospital areas.

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AdvantagesSuperlizzy compactors have additional advantages:

  • Cleaning and hygiene: the waste introduction opening is constantly treated by a special sanitizing liquid and what introduced does not have contact with outside anymore;
  • Safety, simplicity and pleasant in use: the user does not have to touch anything thanks to the automatic opening;
  • Ease of management for operators: the machine signals when the compacted waste bag is full, without any leakage of the collected liquid that is separated by the solid waste;
  • Time saving: the considerable autonomy allows to limit the replacement of the bag once a day;
  • Space saving:  only one machine replaces from 4 to 8 traditional bins;
  • Collection bags saving: the solid waste are considerable compacted and reduced, once they are separated from the liquid waste;
  • Money saving: the reduction of bags number and the increased production of employees correspond to a considerable an economic return fully justifying the investment.