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Sistema per balle verticali

Per rifiuti quali: cartone, plastica o alluminio

The baler SUPERPEGGY is characterized by compacted dimensions and operating flexibility. SUPERPEGGY is, in fact, equipped with a system to adjust the bale weight and dimensions allowing to select preferred options between three different heights in order to set the required weight. Moreover, the baler can be used to collect paper and cardboard or plastic material and packaging.

The fully-loaded indicator guarantees to the operator to work safely and to detect immediately when the machine is full. The packaging process is simple, thanks to a system specifically designed and installed on the machine.

SUPERPEGGY is the ideal solution for limited areas where the compacted material has to be moved manually.

  1. SUPERPEGGY can be used for compaction of paper, cardboard, plastic or packaging material.
  2. Once the compaction is completed, the bale extraction is simple and comfortable.
  3. The control panel is equipped with visual intuitive instructions and easy to understand.
  4. The belt position allows an easy replacement.
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