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15 June 2012

GARDALAND in partnership with Fanta and Superlizzy

Fun, wellness and environmental balance

The goal is to offer visitors “a unique experience, in full compliance with wellness and environment balance”, asking guests to collect waste in areas marked by the sign, and depositing them into special containers. Gardaland – not a simple amusement park but also a place where to learn and dream up – is focus on separated waste collection and on company sustainable development.
Thanks to the partnership with Fanta, the famous brand of Coca-Cola Company, and with our company, one of the waste collection points is equipped with a Superlizzy compacting machine placed inside a beautiful “extra-large Fanta can”. Moreover: thanks to a special recognition system that “identifies” special promotional Fanta beverage cans of 0,33 lt when introducing it into the machine, the Superlizzy issues a receipt as a discount ticket for the entrance to the park.
To create culture for the environment, possibly supported by means of a small incentive, is perfectly part of the common vision of the three companies that, even though operate in different fields: that is amusement, healthy food and sustainable technologies, collaborate for a better future.

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