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15 November 2012


First important equipment installations at some restaurants in McDonald’s France

The goal is very clear: to broaden success history cases in transalpine countries that bind Superlizzy waste compacting machines to McDonald’s fast-foods and to many other restaurants and providing catering services in Italy. Starting from this, the activity of sales development in France was born more than 1 year ago, supported by efforts to spread the culture of waste volume reduction thanks to compaction and liquid separation from solid waste, thus facilitate their collection and disposal. This is very important and easy to guess in central areas of metropolis and some cities like Paris or Marseille where it has been taken this opportunity to collect and to separate waste, even in small recycling areas placed inside restaurant lounge, that allows waste disposal and recycling. In some areas of Southern France few machines have been installed outdoors in order to contrast neglectful people that  leaves waste in public areas rather than in dedicated ones (McDonald’s is strongly involved worldwide in the so called anti-littering activity). More than twenty compacting machines have been installed inside restaurants in Paris Gare Saint Lazare, Paris Porte de Clignancourt, Marseille, Vitrolles and Toulon. Sensitive to environmental issues, McDonald’s France has been involved since very long time in packing weight reduction, waste volume reduction, energy and water consumption.  Recently, McDonald’s France has been involve as well in ecological compatibilities development, structures integration for the surrounding setting and into other responsibility elements that the company feels towards the environment. Their future is to develop the environmental culture on each of its 1200 restaurants in the Country and within their agricultural supply change by means of data exchanges and collaborations among different members.  Rossella Milani, Area Manager France, declares: “For us is an exciting challenge where we are ready to give our contribution. We are aware that our equipment is designed to solve problems that the customer’s  growing  ecological sensitivity highlights more and more. In the other hand, customer’s service  is our added value to begin with long lasting relationships”.

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