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16 May 2011

Separated collection, compacting and associated services

Customer collaboration in innovation

The list of enhancements to SuperLizzy’s primary functions of waste volume reduction and liquid separation continuesto grow. Amongst the features now on offer are the availability of signifi cant customer choice in machine colour andcustomised graphics.
The new SuperLizzy 500 PET SP is not only designed specifcally to crush recyclable plastic (PET) bottles and cans butis aimed at facilitating the separation of different types of waste and in encouraging customers to participate in this.
To help carry your message to the customers you can now have a 19” LED screen that can be used to show any high definition image or video showing the chosen message such as your company’s environmental policy or a sales promotion or advert. We at CMS Group have devised a method of rewarding customers who help us all by behaving in an environmentally responsible way.
An additional function is now available for the 500 PET SP model incorporating a small printer mounted in the door panel. This printer issues a small ticket each time a recyclable bottle is deposited in the SuperLizzy. These tickets are customised to give the customer a sales promotion such as a discount on a future purchase. We are pleased to acknowledge the contributions made by you, our customers, in providing feedback on the operation of SuperLizzy and for your requests and suggestions for more ways to provide customer engagement.
Amongst these are those from the restaurants of a famous chain of stores selling household goods “to create a better daily life” – a sentiment that we are pleased to echo.

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