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15 June 2011

Superlizzy on SETTEGREEN of Corriere della Sera...

...on an exhaustive report about the first McDonald’s green fast-food

The cooperation between McDonald’s Italy and our Superlizzy Compacting machines is getting more and more stronger, in order to show the strong engagement of the great multinational company for the environmental protection. The waste separated collection takes place in the restaurant and it concerns what is really recyclable: the “Happy Meal” box (paper) and the bottle (Pet), whereas the generic waste is compacted to reduce the volume and the liquids are separated by the solid waste. These are the functions of our waste compacting machines, designed in different models according to the exigencies to be satisfied. SETTEGREEN, added periodically to the weekly newspaper SETTE of Corriere della Sera, last May published an interesting article about Lainate McDonald’s restaurant (placed near Milan). This restaurant is a “testing laboratory” for many choices prompted by the respect for the environment. The “green fast-food”, storing similar experiences realized in France and Germany, is the first green fast food in Italy and it is the most advanced technologically at European level. Its energetic autonomy is at the moment at 90%, and the goal is to reach 100%. As regards the classifi cation of this parameter Lainate Mc Donald’s has reached the maximum level, platinum, responding to the fully equipped plant.
A trigeneration plant uses vegetable oil already used for food uses. The restaurant frame building is earthquake-proof. It is made by materials guaranteeing energetic saving, low emissions and it is equipped with ventilated roof. The surrounding asphalt and the coverings are “ecoactive”, made by titanium dioxide that at sunlight allows pollutant reduction (“the asphalt of this restaurant eats the smog” is the slogan resuming such a function). The parking area is equipped with turrets for electric car free refuelling. One photovoltaic plant and one solar thermal plant, adding a solar-aeolic hybrid system, assure the necessary energy needs. Inside the premises the “green fast-food” detects the real-time energetic consumption data to the customer. The kitchens are equipped with high saving energetic equipment. The rain water is collected, the air quality is monitored, the company vehicles are powered by biodiesel produced thanks to the conversion of cooking fats.
SETTEGREEN refers to our waste compacting machines and it publishes a picture referring to their functions and to the input for the solution of environmental problems.

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