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15 July 2011

Superlizzy gets dressed... to go out!

The compacting machine “put on” the dress for outdoor

The machine function does not change: ease in separated collection too, compaction of introduced waste, separation of solid waste from the liquid part and volumes reduction. All above mentioned is well-known to whom has already chosen Superlizzy for his restaurant or canteen, even to the user that is getting used more and more to use Superlizzy after having eaten the meal.
On the other hand the dress of the new Superlizzy outdoor is completely new: it covers the machine to make it suitable to work outside, even into the open if necessary. The new “body shell” enlarges just a little bit the usual dimensions. It is made of zinc-coated sheet oven-varnished, and a perfect watertight. The fastening on the fl oor is as anti-theft device and as protection.
The outdoor version can be customized too, in order to underline both its function and the company brand thanks to colours and focused messages.
Superlizzy outdoor increases its advantages in the outside catering both with the separated collection version and with pet and cans version. It contributes to maintain wide areas clean, not easily reachable by the staff. Superlizzy outdoor amplifies the environmental engagement visibility of the restaurants using Superlizzy.
Finally, as service accessory, Superlizzy outdoor can be equipped with the system of recyclable bottles identification and receipts issue having a discount value, as incentive for environmental responsibility.

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