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15 September 2011

SUPERLIZZY works not only in the lounge but, since today, also in the kitchen!

A new model of waste compacting machine to be used at the back of the restaurant.

The new fact is not related to the operation of the machine itself that, as well known, is the waste compaction reduction volume up to 90% that makes waste disposal easier.   The innovating element is in the feeding mode, that in version named “500 N”, use a continuous conveyor belt.
“500 N”, in fact, has been made to operate not at restaurant’s  lounge but at the back of it.  It has not been designed, as the rest of the Superlizzy range of compacting machines, to be used directly by the end user but by the kitchen operator.
Unchanged, therefore, their main characteristics :  possibility of material separation regarding the type of waste, liquid separation from solid parts, waste compaction.   Restaurant, canteens, and refreshment areas can use the machine by loading the belt conveyor with open bags or even loose material.  The conveyor belts works in continuous mode, thus, it is running all the time to avoid start up downtime.
Operational advantages for all kind of catering services, collective or commercial, are definitively superior to wherever kind of waste  treatment could be done after picking the material at the lounge area.  Environmental benefits,  for organic waste , PET, cans, cardboard, paper or other type of disposable material, are undoubtedly related to volume reduction  and therefore less effort on material transportation and disposal.

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