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11 November 2011

Comari introduces the new SuperLizzy 600

Reduced size with the same features in our latest model of waste compacting machine.

Joining our flagship model SL500, we are pleased to announce the SL600. This addition to our range brings all the features of the SL500 in a more compact size.
Utilizing our highly successful system of continuous screw compaction, the new SL600 reduces the volume of waste by up to 90%. It can be used singly to deal with un-separated waste or as part of a set where the customer wishes to recover cans, PET bottles, packaging, etc, separately.
The door opens automatically as the user approaches making the disposal of refuse clean and simple.
In all cases, solids are collected in an easily changeable bag and liquids are channelled to a removable plastic tank for simple emptying. If desired, liquid flow can be connected directly to the drainage.
The SL600 comes complete with the same range of accessories with indoor and outdoor versions, the ability to mount a screen to display adverts or messages to encourage waste separation and the inclusion of a printer to provide a receipt for incentive based promotions.
Its reduced size and footprint gives it access to establishments where previously usage volume or space constraints inhibited the use of the SL500 but without compromising on functionality.
 The SL600 is ideal for small/medium size establishments such as sandwich bars, cafes, cafeterias, pizza and kebab shops or for positioning adjacent to food vending machines or in main concourses.
It is eminently suitable for incorporation in existing fixtures or furnishings or can be supplied with customisable graphic livery to convey the customer’s brand identity or waste disposal message.
SuperLizzy – working for a cleaner environment and to make space for nature.

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