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15 February 2012

More and more SUPERLIZZY, in the motorway too!

Waste compacting machines installed in new rest stops of service areas

From the airports to the motorways (we dedicated the last newsletter to the rest stops of boarding lounges): the commercial opportunities for waste compaction system increase, Superlizzy now installed in the service areas too.
500 FULL, the model selected by the customers, separated the liquid by the solid waste and thanks to the continuous compaction and the screw system reduces the waste volume. The management and the disposal of waste are facilitated. The user approaches the machine, the waste introduction door opens automatically and everything is on the tray at the end of the lunch is introduced and treated.
The prestigious Superlizzy 500 FULL installations are three, of which one already realized with two machines. It is the new service area Arno Ovest on A1 motoway, southern direction, near Florence, (Incisa-Reggello toll gate): the Mc Donald’s restaurant, 120 seats and McDrive opportunity, is managed by Chef Express of Cremonini Group. Chef Express is also the licensee of the Mc Donald’s restaurant that will open next March 2012 in the service area Pioppa Est on A14 motoway, near Bologna Borgo Panigale (Zola Predosa place). Even in this case two Superlizzy will be installed.
Finally, two waste compacting machines will be installed next March in the opposite service area: Pioppa Ovest, in the Mc Donald’s restaurant managed  by My Chef of Elior Group.
We will meet again for the next motorway service area!

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