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15 May 2012

ECOLIMPIADI 2012: the support of our waste compacting machine Superlizzy

How to become environmentally friendly since elementary school.

The idea on this project was designed by the Stoppani School Association (, a lively children parents group that represent five classes at the Antonio Stoppani Elementary School based in Milan. The main purpose is to teach how to become environmentally friendly: aiming to this, one of the procedures is the proper collection and separation of Tetra Pak bricks, which are recyclable and convertible in new paper and cardboard. In pursuit of “I recycle, you recycle, we recycle” the  ECOLIMPIADI 2012, were born; In this event girls and boys of all classes compete to collect used packaging brick containers used at home, to rinse them and to bring them along to school. The initiative has been supported by Tetra Pak, committed since long time to the correct collection of its packaging, by the Centrale del Latte di Milano (Milan’s Milk Factory), always committed to selected products offered to local community, by consortium Comieco as promoter of recycling of cellulose packaging , and obviously, to Gruppo CMS that, through its subsidiary company CO.MA.RI., supplied the compacting machine Superlizzy. The packaging brick collection began last 7th May after the end of the morning bell rang, together with the enthusiastic teachers approval. Our Superlizzy, easy to use also for children, began its process of waste compaction, volume reduction and liquid separation. But that’s not all! At every package introduction, Superlizzy issues a special ticket, an eco-ticket, that shows a score: the class that, at the end of the agreed collection period, will score most of the points, will award the title of “Friend of Nature”, whilst the School will buy new equipment for their video area.

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