You are all invited to SQUISITO!

Superlizzy compacting machines will attend the Exhibition in San Patrignano from April, 29th to May, 2nd

Also this year CMS Group will attend a very unique event like SQUISITO! which will be held in in San Patrignano, near Rimini: the Company will give its SUPERLIZZY waste compacting machines at everyone’s disposal, in their 3 versions: the one for General Waste, that for PET bottles and that for cans.
SUPERLIZZY testify CMS Group strong attention for the Environment and its will to be an active player in this fi eld through CO.MA.RI. Company, who’s the manufacturer and distributor of these machines.
Compacting waste means to reduce their volume up to 90% and make their transportation and handling easier. A further important added value of SUPERLIZZY is the capability to separate liquids from solid waste. Waste compacting systems give important benefi ts in terms of environmental quality, to all those places involved with catering and dealing both with plastic and paper, aluminium and Pet and, obviously, food’s left-overs. That’s why our Group has immediately identifi ed itself in the slogan SQUISITO!, choosed for 2011, that’s to say “SQ, Simply Quality”: in other words food’s quality, which is also life and human quality. Moreover, once again, we identifi ed ourselves in those values San Patrignano professes and practises: the unquestioned social role played by the Community. SUPERLIZZY compacting machines will be “at work” in two different areas inside the Exhibition: at the Déjeuner sur l’herbe, which is the “Author’s picnic on San Patrignano’s lawn” and in Piazza del Cibo da Strada, where people can taste the “local take-away that satisfi es any palate”.