And now the South America!

Twenty-four waste compacting machines Superlizzy are shipping to Venezuela

The buyer is the Venezuelan CORPOSERVI 92 C.A., leader in environmental preservation and sustainable development, having two main goals: offer to customers innovative solutions dealing with solid waste disposal and motivate people to environmental responsibility.   Towards their own market, Corposervi 92 C.A. proposes state-of-the-art technologies carefully chosen among the best ones available worldwide.
“If you want to change the world, change yourself first”
: Mahatma Gandhi quote is mentioned in the web site, in order to remind visitors that the possibilities of changes depend, first of all, on us and our behaviour.
Venezuela, a country extending from the sea to the jungle and to the mountains, is having under protection more than half of its territory, shows a strong attitude for ecological safeguard.
Corposervi 92 C.A. headquarters are base in Pampatar on Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta State, in the Caribbean Sea, having a branch office in Caracas as well. CO.MA.RI. had the first contact with the Venezuelan company one year ago and the first compacting machine 500 Full was supplied.  At the moment 24 Superlizzy, who were took in delivery  a few days ago by the buyer that visited our premises, will be shipped to this South American destination and distributed mainly at important shopping Centres.
According to Customer stated intention, other important orders will follow this first supply, as evidenced by special section dedicated to our compacting machines at customer’s web site. “Our goal is obviously to deliver other Superlizzy, supporting the customer commitment to promote them in the Repùblica Bolivariana de Venezuela” Humberto Herrera declares, Business Development Manager of CoMaRi.
“And, why not, starting from a northern part of South America looking for other markets in the region that are more and more committed with environmental issues and waste disposal”.