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Our Superlizzy products range includes many options and many possibilities of customization making our machines adaptable to any public and private areas, where waste collection and separation is a real exigencies to be effectively managed.

Respecting the environment Superlizzy allows to:


The range of Superlizzy products allows, moreover, to reach different operative direct advantages:

  1. Cleaning and hygiene: the waste introduction opening is constantly treated by a special sanitizing liquid and what introduced does not have contact with outside anymore;
  2. Safety, simplicity and pleasant in use: the user does not have to touch anything thanks to the automatic opening;
  3. Ease of management for operators: the machine signals when the compacted waste bag is full, without any leakage of the collected liquid that is separated by the solid waste;
  4. Time saving: the considerable autonomy allows to limit the replacement of the bag once a day;
  5. Space saving:  only one machine replaces from 4 to 8 traditional bins;
  6. Collection bags saving: the solid waste are considerable compacted and reduced, once they are separated from the liquid waste;
  7. Money saving: the reduction of bags number and the increased production of employees correspond to a considerable an economic return fully justifying the investment.
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